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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vanity -- Week 7 Post op

Updated pictures...

Okay, so I am a little upset tonight. My face hurts a lot. Kinda like blunt objects being pushed into my skin. I am not liking it at all. I am still taking ibuprofen daily and honestly, I am tired of it. Not just the ibuprofen, but just the fact of having to take it daily. I want this all to be over. The swelling and the strange pain!

On to vanity... when I was first told I needed jaw surgery to correct my narrow palate and my bite problems, I had no idea of the facial changes one would undergo. As I did my research, I found it did change the look of the person. Sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. Well in my case, I really don't see a major difference, but those around me do.

Honestly, I have had major support through all of this but there are always the few people who want to say things that they shouldn't. As my 16 year old daughter puts it, "closed minded people should have closed mouths". Well I am agreeing with her right now.

So what happened?? A lady came up to me while around lots of other people whom we know, and asked, "so is people asking you if you had and face lift and a nose job?" Well in my opinion, that was rude and uncalled for. I may look different, but I am still the same person. Maybe I shouldn't be so sensitive, but with all that we (jaw surgery patients) go through, I think a little more thought should be put into what one says.

I don't know anything about cosmetic surgery, but if it is as bad as jaw surgery, then I don't want to ever go there. Yes, the structure of my face and my nose did change, but I am hoping for the better. Right now, I think I still look like a... a... maybe a turtle. lol But whatever, I can breath better now than ever, never waking up at night to catch a breath... and when the orthodontist gets finished, I will be able to eat with a normal bite.

I know this will be worth it at the end no matter what other people think or SAY. Okay, maybe I am being overboard with this, but at least I have let it out. Thanks. : ) Blessings to you all.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Root Canal

A quick update.... I went to the dentist today. He took an x-ray of my tooth. He said that both front teeth showed trauma from the palate split so he didn't want to do a root canal just yet because it may not need one.

So, I am staying on the antibiotic for six more days, then I will start a different antibiotic if the swelling comes back. If the swelling does come back, he said we would probably do a root canal then. He said we would just watch the tooth and not move too fast. That is fine with me. I wasn't looking forward to a root canal. Blessings!!! : )

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Today starts the 6 week mark

I went to the surgeons office today. He took out the splint and took off the bands... yayyyyy!!! I am so glad they are gone. He said everything looks good and I can start chewing now. (I tried a cheeseburger but the meat was too tough, so I ate the bread. It was good.) After leaving the surgeons office, I went to the orthodontist and had the top wire replaced. I go to the dentist tomorrow to have the front tooth checked. I sure hope it doesn't need a root canal. I posted pictures with my first smile for you guys. I am getting there. Again, to you who are contiplating surgery, it seems to be worth it. : ) To you, Aimee... I promise it does get better. Blessings to you all.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 31

So I am just posting today because I finally like my picture. My son took these today. I am still not showing any teeth ... maybe next week. : ) Just wanted to give those of you who haven't embarked on this adventure a quick thumbs up. Time really does fly by and although I am still having some pain, and still some swelling, it does get better. : )

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 29...The Healing Continues (includes todays photo)

Today was a pretty good day with the surgeon. I am not sure if I mentioned the knots in my face, but they are in the places where "what else" more bone grafting. I have no idea what I am going to look like after the swelling goes down.??.

He did say everything looks good and my splint is coming off next week. : ) After the splint comes off I must rush to the orthodontist office and have my wire replaced.
(The surgeon cut it when he split my palate)

He said my infection looks better but I am to stay on the antibiotics for at least 10 more days. I guess I am okay with that except I am still swollen and it is very hard to swallow the pills.

I am still not allowed to chew, so blended diet it is. Maybe next week I can start soft foods when the splint comes off.

Here is a picture taken today outside my surgeons office. I will post another one when I am more comfortable smiling with my teeth showing. My smile is still pretty funny looking. LOL