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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Surgery to Come

I saw my orthodontist two weeks ago. He released me back to the surgeon saying he couldn’t do any more for me due to my cross bite. He said my left side has relapsed and he cannot fix it. I saw the surgeon yesterday. He said the muscles had pulled back into position and moved my bite from the place he had put it during surgery. He said my option was to have a second surgery. He took molds and x-rays. I will be talking to him sometime this week after he reviews everthing.

I have had a popping in my lower right jaw ever since surgery that normally doesn’t hurt, but after all the molds and movement from the doctor on my jaws, I have a knot and some swelling there and it hurts badly this morning. I am taking ibuprofen for it.

Due to being in college (at age 42), homeschooling my children, working a full time job, and keeping foster children daily, I am trying to figure out when to have this surgery. Classes at my community college stop December 14th and my classes at Arizona of Phoenix start January 11th. I am going to be in NY December 10th-14th with my daughter for a Christmas get away. My husband and I will be going away in November for our 19th anniversary. Maybe I will have the surgery right before Christmas and be all swollen for the holidays. Hey, at least I won’t gain all those holiday pounds while sipping through syringe. Hmmmm, I wonder if you can blend turkey???

(Complain time) This is ridiculous!!! I am supposed to be past this point! Surgery for me was on April 7th 2009. I thought by now I would be getting the braces off instead of starting over.

(Get over it time) Well anyway, it will work out and maybe by this time next year it will all be over. As fast as time flies, I will probably not even notice it.

You guys be blessed!