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    3 years ago

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Good Surgeon Visit

I had my four month visit with the surgeon. He had very positive things to say. One was, "Wow, this looks much better than I expected". Hey, I'll take it!!! He said things are coming together very well and he is going to call my orthodontist on Monday about some things. I personally think things are looking better. My teeth are sitting well although there is still a cross-bite. The orthodontist is working on it.

How do I feel? Hummmmm....

Face: My face tingles a lot. Sometimes it feels like it is melting off.

Opening: I am not opening three fingers yet. The surgeon said I need to exercise my mouth more, at least three times a day. With the bands being worn constantly, it is hard to remember to exercise.

Biting: I still bite my jaw some, but not as often as before. It really hurts, brings tears to my eyes.

Looks: It's funny, just when I get comfortable with my looks, it changes!

All in all, I am happy with everything.... just still getting use to it all. Blessings! : )