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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ortho Update!

I am updating today due to "I am so tired of looking at the last picture"! lol I did have a visit to the orthodontist and he was very happy about the results of the TADS. He said I could come in every four weeks to have the wires changed and to watch the progress. It is still going slow, but we are getting there! I just got back from the beach, so I put a couple of pictures that look better than my last one. Check out the jaw line! I have a chin! lol I can't even imagine what I am going to look like without braces! I will be glad when they are gone. : )

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gross TADs Photo!

Hello Everybody!

I got the TADS. : / They are not fun! They make my mouth sore, so I have to use extra wax. As far as seeing them, you can't unless I show you. See photo! When I first got them, the surgeon put one in my palate. It got infected and I got very sick. It was on a weekend so I called and got an antibiotic and went in on Monday to have it looked at. The orthodontist called the surgeon and he saw me the next day. He took it out! Thank goodness! I could have hugged him. (but he doesn't seem like the hugging type, so I didn't) LOL. The orthodontist did say he would need it put back in soon, so the surgeon ordered a new one. Yay....I guess.

I am seeing improvements in my front teeth, so maybe this is a good thing! I sure hope so. : )