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Friday, February 13, 2009

Possible Surgery Dates

Hello everyone... I got a letter from my insurance today. They have approved the surgery. : ) So now what... I called Dr. M. (the surgery dr) and he also receive the letter. They gave me dates they had open for surgery. They are May 5, May 19, June 16, and June 30. They said it was up to the orthodontist as to the final date. I faxed the letter to him and gave him the dates. They said they would get back to me. I may have to wait until my next appointment with him to find out when surgery can be scheduled. The next appointment is March 4. I really would like to know soon, as I am ready to get this over with. I would go tonight if they would let me. I am a little nervous about the recovery time. Other than that, I am not worried about going into surgery. Now yet... anyway.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I Need What?

Ok...here is the skinny on me. I inquired about jaw surgery two years ago at my dentist request. He had concerns about my pallet being too narrow. I have always noticed this in my eating and breathing, but had no idea there was surgery for it. I called my childhood orthodontist for an appointment. He checked my mouth and told me the same thing. He said I needed braces first to line up the teeth. I waited about a year before getting the braces just because I wasn't sure I wanted to embark on this adventure. After the year, my son needed braces so I thought, lets just get them together. It will be fun..."ya think". Sooooo I got the braces. My teeth hurt even today. Got the braces in October and now I have a power chain on the bottom. I go back March 4th for the top power chain. My insurance company is saying the surgery needs to be complete by May 2nd. I am not sure this is possible. I will be informed by the orthodontist soon. After two years I am ready to get this over with. I have had three surgeons to look at my mouth. The first surgeon I went to said he agreed with my dentist...but I really didn't like him so I went to Charlotte at my orthodontist's advice. I like this doctor so he is going to do the surgery. I did inquire with a local orthognathic surgeon, he stated my condition was too advanced for him and he suggested I stay with the doctor in Charlotte NC. I will post before pictures soon.