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Friday, April 9, 2010

One Year Update

Wow, time flies! This week marks ONE YEAR since jaw surgery. I went to the orthodontist and he is moving my teeth all kinds of ways. After surgery I had a relapse in my upper left jaw causing a cross-bite and an under-bite. My orthodontist is working on the under-bite now. He is moving my teeth in ways that make them look like the hillbilly teeth you find in a dollar store. It is not a pretty site, to say the least. I have a big space on the left top and a very short front tooth. They said it would be awhile before they could close the space, so "gappy" I am. I am posting a profile shot tonight. That is something I would have never done before surgery. LOL. I am happy with the results and I am glad I went through with the surgery. All is well. : )


  1. You look GORGEOUS! :) I am sorry you are having to go through such a big shift with your braces, but when you get them off and you teeth are perfectly straight it will be worth it! :)


  2. Rita, you're looking so great! Are the TAD's still in? And how are they? Any guesses on when you'll be out of the braces?

  3. Hey Meredith,
    Yes I still have the TAD's and I have no idea about the braces. I am scared to ask again. haha The last time I ask, he said, "hmmmm not sure, may be awhile." I guess that means another year. I will be glad when they are gone. Thanks for asking!

    Hey Makay,
    Nice to meet you. I love your blog! I decorated mine after seeing yours! LOL Thanks for the encouragement! I appreciate it!

    Hope you both are doing well. Thanks for stopping by! : )

  4. Hi Rita,

    I just had a double jaw surgery like you 9 days ago.

    You had a relapse? Could you enlighten me on how that happened? I am terrified of getting a relapse.

    If I get a relapse and I need to get more surgery to fix my jaws, that would devastate me.

    Anyway, congrats on a successful surgery!

    If you're interested, you may follow my recovery process at my blog, Vince's Maxillofacial Surgery.