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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gross TADs Photo!

Hello Everybody!

I got the TADS. : / They are not fun! They make my mouth sore, so I have to use extra wax. As far as seeing them, you can't unless I show you. See photo! When I first got them, the surgeon put one in my palate. It got infected and I got very sick. It was on a weekend so I called and got an antibiotic and went in on Monday to have it looked at. The orthodontist called the surgeon and he saw me the next day. He took it out! Thank goodness! I could have hugged him. (but he doesn't seem like the hugging type, so I didn't) LOL. The orthodontist did say he would need it put back in soon, so the surgeon ordered a new one. Yay....I guess.

I am seeing improvements in my front teeth, so maybe this is a good thing! I sure hope so. : )


  1. oh, Rita, those look awful! They're pulling your front teeth forward?

    Thinking of you...

  2. Hey Stephanie! Yes, they are pulling them forward. I hope this part is over soon. Thanks for checking in. Hope you are doing well. : )

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  4. Yikes! Those look like some kind of piercing gone wrong! (Next time you see someone with a tongue piercing, you should tell them to check yours out!) I hope they work quickly and can be taken out soon!

  5. Thanks Meredith! That made me smile. I may just do that! haha They are such a pain. I hope they are working. I go Thursday to find out if things have changed any. : )

  6. Wow, that brings back memories! I hope you don't have to wear them very long--good luck! I was wondering-do you have any numbness from your surgery. My bottom lip and chin are still numb and I really doubt the feeling ever comes back as there has not been any change since the first few weeks. (Surgery was in July)

  7. Hey Carmenh,
    I am going to have to wear the TADs for a few more months. My teeth are moving very slowly.

    As far as numbness, I still have tingly feelings in my bottom lip and chin. I think all the major numbness is gone. For the past two days, I have had an aching feeling in my upper and lower jaws. I hope that goes away soon.

    What does your doctor say about the numbness? Did you have TADs too? If so, let me know how you did with them. Thanks!

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